# # Automatically generated file; DO NOT EDIT. # OpenWrt Configuration # CONFIG_MODULES=y CONFIG_HAVE_DOT_CONFIG=y # CONFIG_TARGET_sunxi is not set # CONFIG_TARGET_apm821xx is not set # CONFIG_TARGET_ath25 is not set CONFIG_TARGET_ar71xx=y # CONFIG_TARGET_ath79 is not set # CONFIG_TARGET_bcm27xx is not set # CONFIG_TARGET_bcm53xx is not set # CO…


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Build OpenWrt using GitHub Actions

Read the details in my blog (in Chinese) | 中文教程


  • Click the Use this template button to create a new repository.
  • Generate .config files using Lean's OpenWrt source code. ( You can change it through environment variables in the workflow file. )
  • Push .config file to the GitHub repository, and the build starts automatically.Progress can be viewed on the Actions page.
  • When the build is complete, click the Artifacts button in the upper right corner of the Actions page to download the binaries.


It may take a long time to create a .config file and build the OpenWrt firmware. Thus, before create repository to build your own firmware, you may check out if others have already built it which meet your needs by simply search Actions-Openwrt in GitHub.

Add some meta info of your built firmware (such as firmware architecture and installed packages) to your repository introduction, this will save others' time.




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