Screencast code, script and sunshine behind the Symfony 5 tutorials!

Tutorials, Friendship & Symfony5

Well hi there! This repository holds the code and script for the Symfony5 Tutorials on SymfonyCasts.


If you've just downloaded the code, congratulations!!

To get it working, follow these steps:

Download Composer dependencies

Make sure you have Composer installed and then run:

composer install

You may alternatively need to run php composer.phar install, depending on how you installed Composer.

Start the Symfony web server

You can use Nginx or Apache, but Symfony's local web server works even better.

To install the Symfony local web server, follow "Downloading the Symfony client" instructions found here: - you only need to do this once on your system.

Then, to start the web server, open a terminal, move into the project, and run:

symfony serve

(If this is your first time using this command, you may see an error that you need to run symfony server:ca:install first).

Now check out the site at https://localhost:8000

Have fun!

Have Ideas, Feedback or an Issue?

If you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to open an issue on this repository or comment on the course itself. We're watching both :).


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And as always, thanks so much for your support and letting us do what we love!

<3 Your friends at SymfonyCasts

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