Reverse Shell over TCP backdoor

TCP reverse shell backdoor :
Low level python network programming using sockets

Warning: Only use this tool according to your current legislation. Misuse of this software can raise legal and ethical issues which I don't support nor can be held responsible for.

18/01/2017 Version 1 first draft of the project ( client/server scripts)

Things missing :

1-Persistence (if clients computer restarts)
2-Implementing Dynamic DNS for the server IP in case if the IP changes : Fixed
3-Multi Client Threading : Fixed
4-Encrypting traffic with hybrid encryption (faster than asymetric and more secure than symetric) : half Fixed
5-Fixing bugs of wrong inputs(exceptions)
6-Make the client script executable(py2exe) and change the Icon : Use with py2exe installation

20/01/2017 - Fixed download and upload
Added menu to see the help of commands
Added md5 checksum into file transfer to make sure of the integrity of the files
Added dynamic DNS query to the server(changing client side code)

26/01/2017 - Encrypted version contains few problems, working on them

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