a python 3.6 facebook/telegram bot


to install

$ git clone this
$ pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt
or, if you're in a new py3 virtualenv
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

to run

$ mv config.py.sample config.py
$ edit config.py
$ python3 steelybot.py

(config.py is in .gitignore)

to run tests

$ make test

or simply...

$ nosetest

If the tests are failing to import, you probably aren't in the virtualenv.

how to write help for your commands

Throw a doc string in the top of the plugin.

If it's short just make it one line but if its thicc and has subcommands check steely/plugins/linden for an example.


  • async lastfm plugin stuff
  • trigger decorators for plugins, not just main()
  • izaakf's secret idea

thanks (related to the cpssd steely instance)

  • to CianLR for bailing me out of DO bills to get the dbs/logs backs
  • to devoxel for hosting after the bailout
  • the contributors below


plugin author
bubble CianLR
deepdream CianLR
haiku CianLR
imgur CianLR
linden CianLR
obscene CianLR
parrot CianLR
snoop CianLR
streets CianLR
stretch CianLR
tm CianLR
translate CianLR
btc CianLR, byxor, itsdoddsy
jokes EdwardDowling
mock EdwardDowling
search EdwardDowling
urban EdwardDowling
xkcd EdwardDowling
numberwang Hevehan
cowsay Smurphicus
owo Smurphicus
wednesday Smurphicus
bus alexkraak
define alexkraak
github alexkraak
happy alexkraak
skrrrt alexkraak
tilda alexkraak
coinflip alexkraak, byxor
lastfm alexkraak, sentriz
vapor alexkraak, sentriz
b byxor
haskell byxor
limp byxor
responder byxor
url byxor
basic_interpreter cianlr
append devoxel
beer devoxel
bug devoxel
geoip devoxel
help devoxel
roll devoxel
slag devoxel
roomcheck gruunday
egypt iandioch
emoji iandioch
flip iandioch
flirty iandioch
gex iandioch
goth iandioch
mayo iandioch
prod iandioch
rune iandioch
scramble iandioch
shout iandioch
sort iandioch
cat itsdoddsy
choose itsdoddsy
dog itsdoddsy
hello izaakf
train izaakf
vowel izaakf
sentiment oskarmcd
angry sentriz
box sentriz
send_to sentriz
cage sentriz
eight sentriz
leet sentriz
lenny sentriz
markov sentriz
middle sentriz
nose sentriz
paul sentriz
recordmarkov sentriz
recordstat sentriz
reload sentriz
restart sentriz
rpn sentriz
sheriff sentriz
stats sentriz
tracker sentriz
clap sentriz, devoxel
dab xCiaraG

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