Example Spring 5 Web Application

Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru

This repository is for an example application built in my Spring Framework 5 - Beginner to Guru online course

The application is a simple Spring Boot 2 / Spring Framework 5 web application. It is used to help students learn how to use the Spring Framework. Step by step instructions and detailed explanations can be found within the course.

As you work through the course, please feel free to fork this repository to your out GitHub repo. Most links contain links to source code changes. If you encounter a problem you can compare your code to the lesson code. See this link for help with compares

Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru Course Wiki

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Getting Your Development Environment Setup

Recommended Versions

Recommended Reference Notes
Oracle Java 8 JDK Download Java 11 is okay, see notes about Java on the course wiki
IntelliJ 2018 or Higher Download Ultimate Edition recommended. Students can get a free 120 trial license here
Maven 3.6.0 or higher Download Installation Instructions
Gradle 4.8 or higher Download Note: Use Version 5 or higher if using Java 11
Git 2.15 or higher Download
Git GUI Clients Downloads Not required. But can be helpful if new to Git. SourceTree is a good option for Mac and Windows users.
Spring Boot 2.1 or higher What's new

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